Thanksgiving With the Hansens

12:13 PM

Thanksgiving was wonderful. 
We talked till all hours of the night, 
laughed uncontrollably multiple times, 
loved the warm weather,
ate so much pie,
made crafts,
and partied Hansen style.
Baby Dexter was the star of the weekend.
Hansen family tradition: golfing the day after Thanksgiving! 

We LOVE cuddling Dexter. He was turning his head around so funny. It was cracking me up.
Dexter loves his uncle Trevor! And Trevor loves his nephew :)
Adding layers of de-lish jello
It was seriously JUST what we needed before this last two and a half weeks before the end of the semester- and for me, the end of my college career!! I. Am. So. Ready.

Also, we decorated for Christmas!! Love, love, love this time of year. I can't get enough of the Christmas music and lights everywhere.

I love the holidays!

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  1. Thanks for following. I spent some time reading through your blog today--love it:) following!!

    Congrats on graduating!! I just graduated--its a big change, but SO amazing.


  2. I love the holidays too!! It looks like you had a fun Thanksgiving, love all of the pictures! I found your blog from Fash Blvd. I'm happy to be one of your new followers!