2 Years of Wonderful

4:32 PM

I love my husband.

I love being a wife.

Marriage is the best. Life. Ever.

I can't believe how lucky I got.

I'm SO glad I've had him for 2 years now and thank goodness I have him forever!

I'm currently getting all dolled up for our hot date tonight. Pictures coming soon. 

Dear Trevor: I love you more than you know.
Thank you for putting a smile on my face all. The. Time.
Thank you for being so fun.
Thank you for making me feel good about myself.
Thank you for working hard.
Thank you for being adorable with kids and making me excited for our own every day.
Thank you for listening to my ramblings about everything all the time.
Thank you for making it easy to love you more every day.
Thank you for walking me home from class so many times.
Thank you for taking out the trash when it's cold outside, and for doing the dishes when they are gross (and when they aren't, let's be real). 
Thank you for always being the one to fill the car with gas and scrape the windows.
Thank you for being the first thing I wake up to every day, and the last thing I see before I go to sleep.
Thank you for holding my hand whenever we walk.
Thank you for kissing me on the forehead.
Thank you for being wonderful and perfect and amazing and everything good.

I love you, I love you, I love you!

Love, Wifey

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