We Like to Party + Sore + Thanksgiving Week!

8:03 PM

In my world, birthdays are a pretty big deal. An ENTIRE day to celebrate someone and nothing else? Count me in.

Stop 1: Tucanos. The most amazing salad bar I have ever been to. Even the waiter was surprised that I was able to fit that much food in me. Oops. Trevor was able to satisfy his manly meat craving and we left stuffed and happy.

Next up was a movie marathon. We finally checked all the movies off the list Trevor has been making in his head for months. Over the course of the weekend, we watched Fast Five (side note: I LOVE the fast and furious movies!! What? I'm so much more of a chick flick person. But those movies are so good!) Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (not as magical as the first, but still good) and Green Lantern.

Naptime: because nobody can underestimate the power and joy of an amazing nap.

Brownies: Trevor's favorite of course! Accompanied by sparkling apple cider.

And now Trevor has officially graced the earth with his presence for 24 years. Lucky world!
Dinner at Grandma's tonight
Other news:

Last week I taught the high school girls again, and we did this circuit workout:
Via This Fabulous Blog
We repeated the circuit 3 times and doubled the reps the second two times. And OH. MY. SORE. P90X Danielle from 3 months ago's booty got kicked. Cardio-wise I was fine, but my shoulders and legs have been sore for three days. It was so fun though... I love teaching those girls!

My little brother Seth is here for Thanksgiving! So glad to have him here. It's going to be a good week. Vegas bound on Tuesday- goodbye frozen Utah and hello warmth and family in law!

P.S. Today was the last day of the 30 day challenge. Pictures coming soon of Part 2!


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  1. yayy! :] sounds like a blast! love the freakin' weekends! :]

  2. oh that workout sounds fabulous! I can't wait to get back into my Insanity program, (after I pop out this baby:-) xoxo

  3. sounds like a busy and great weekend! you have such a cute blog!!