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7:41 PM

I need help.

I've never been super picky about what shoes I run in. I don't have foot or knee problems or arch issues, so I haven't worried too much about getting shoes with amazing support. I also don't follow any "switch out your shoes every {insert number} miles" rule. I'm sure someday I'll learn from my mistakes, but for now, I basically just care that they are cute and not too clunky. 

Remember when I got these shoes back in March? I bought them knowing that I would be using them every day but hoping that they would be pretty durable. Much to my dismay, I noticed that the fabric was thinning in the summer and now they are totally disintegrating. 

GIANT hole by my pinkie toe. My toe sticks out of it.
The green is the insole. They are even ripping down the sides.
I do realize that some wear and tear is unavoidable, but I wasn't expecting to be needing new shoes again quite so soon. Now my entire toe sticks out the side and they are just going to get worse. I'll probably keep using them until they totally fall apart on me, but their expected life from here is pretty short.

My question: What is your favorite kind of running shoes? 

These are Nike's Free Run and I love how lightweight and comfortable they are, but don't love how fast they have gotten all torn up. I promise I don't drag my feet across the cement when I run. I wouldn't mind if my next shoes are a little heavier (hopefully this means more sturdy!) but not much.

So, best type of running shoes? Ready, go!


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  1. I'll never buy anything but Brooks. I LOVE them.

  2. ASICS ASICS ASICS. I can't stress enough how much I love Asics. I replace my running shoes every 6 months because I run over 20 miles per week, and Asics take the cake. They are great shoes.

  3. I love my Nike Dual Fusions. Super light. You said you don't have feet/arch issues but if you have knee problems I would skip on these. I use my adidas supernova's when my knees are hurting. GREAT support.

  4. Thanks for the post Danielle! I need some good running shoes and am at a loss for what's good or not too. I just got some Nike dual fusions but haven't used them yet (Black Friday deal)-but I have bad knees so from your friend's post above...I might have to get me some supernovas instead!

  5. Ahh that is frustrating! I love my pair of grey new balance shoes! They have lasted a long time-super durable, super classic, not the prettiest shoes-but I love em! Also, I have really enjoyed my Reebok Easytone shoes-however, if you wear them longer than an hour or two-they start to hurt your arch.


    Erin @

  6. I love reading yours too! Your little married life is super precious. :)

  7. ok... #1. If you bought those shoes back in March and you run basically every day you DEFINITELY need new shoes!!!!!!
    #2. My favorite shoes are Nike Pegasus. They are perfect.
    #3. BUY NEW SHOES at least every 6 months. Sorry girly...that's the life of a runner.