Life As We Know It

9:42 PM

So I thought I'd document what our college life consists of... because, well, eventually it will be over and I will want to remember it in its full glory. At the risk of sounding sloppy and boring, this is what we really do... and we love it so much. Life is so good.

Hang out with Garrett. Garrett is around all the time. It's so fun. And kind of adorable how good of friends Trevor and Garrett are.

Mario Kart. We love Mario Kart. Even though I'm really bad, it's really fun. Gotta love a good rainbow road run.

Watch movies. And seasons of TV shows. Lost, Community, Chuck, The Office. We love cuddling up to a good movie.

Be poor. Secretly though, being a poor newlywed college student is kind of a simple, great life.

Dance around our apartment. And sing loud. Dance parties all the time!

Go on walks. Especially when it's nice outside. Romantic.

School and homework. Necessary.

Cafe Rio. When Trevor and I were dating, we went to Cafe Rio once and he said it wasn't his favorite. I wasn't sure it would work out with us. But then he decided the next time that he loved it. Whew!

Shopping. We love shopping (some of us more than others. Side note: I discovered a new consignment store this week. Bad. BAD! But I had the whole store to myself... it was just so fun...). Or just wandering the grocery store. Or the mall. It's fun and people watching is the bomb.

Stay up way too late. We are such night owls. I kind of love it.

Go to work. I am a lifeguard and swimming lessons teacher. Trevor works at a physical therapy clinic. Thank goodness we have jobs we like!

Take naps. Sunday afternoon naps, anyone? YES!

Talk about random, funny things. Sometimes I wonder what people would say about the conversations we have about the most random things. It's highly entertaining.

Visit Grandma. She has us over at least once a month. We love Grandma!

Seriously... life is good. It won't be like this for long... and we're loving it while it lasts! And I promise we are not boring. Maybe a little.


The Girl

The Boys

 Also please note that we are all wearing jackets and long sleeves. That is because it SNOWED yesterday. Just flurries down here, but the mountains are all kinds of white. Where is this coming from!


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  1. It's very sad that you stopped publishing your articles. They are simply the personification of positive. It would be great to see new material from you. Perhaps you continue to blog on another site?

    Alan from