Jacob Goes to Mexico

4:10 PM

My little brother in law Jacob is leaving on his mission tomorrow!
Jacob is my pal (everyone's pal!)
He was around the whole time Trevor and I were dating and we were friends from day 1.
He is going to be SUCH a great missionary!

Jacob swimming on a light pole (Summer 2009)
At the BEACH! (Summer 2009)

Garrett and Jacob are bff's

Thanksgiving 2009

Family pictures (Spring 2011)

Jacob and Trevor being buddies
French braiding Jacob's hair (Summer 2010)

The brothers minus Tyler (Summer 2010)
3 person tower! (Summer 2010)

Jacob lookin' fresh on his first day of college. I helped him pick out his outfit!

At the strip

Bowling! (Thanksgiving 2010)

Family pictures! (Valentine's day 2010)

We LOVE you Jacob!
We will miss you SO much, but we will write all the time!!
Mexico City is so lucky.

Adios hermano :)

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