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This weekend was a little lot crazy, and so great! We went to Las Vegas on Friday night, California on Saturday morning for a wedding reception, back to Las Vegas on Saturday night, went to Jacob's mission farewell (and took looong naps) on Sunday, and went back to Provo on Monday.


Saturday was Trevor's cousin's wedding reception. I love a good family gathering. We had a blast dancing, eating way too much candy, and being with tons of family. An excuse to dress up and be social is always welcome :). The weather was perfect and the decorations were gorgeous. Sunflowers everywhere- hey Kansas! And thank you Whitney for the pictures (I was a big time slacker in the camera department this weekend. Shame!)
We got to sit by baby Dexter!

Sove the sunflowers and lights!

Cute cute family :)

Oh you know, just being creepy.

We know how to party.

Sunday Jacob gave his farewell talk. We love Jakey boy! He will be such a great missionary in Mexico!

Our drive home was thrilling, really. First, Trevor had to get the car smog checked and it took like 4 hours because the check engine light was on in the car, so we didn't leave till pretty late (which was fine with me. Speed scrabble with the fam while we waited! Unfortunately I kept making up words that didn't count. Words with friends puts me in bad habits).

We finally left around 4, and everything was great until about an hour out of Provo. Something got caught in our axel... or something... and it kept making weird noises and we kept pulling weird things out of our car... obviously not ideal. Then we were about 1 minute behind the cop that shut down the freeway at Spanish Fork. Hello 45 minute detour! We really can't complain though, because we have never had car problems besides this little one (knock on wood! We love our Black Butler!). 

The trip was a blast though, and really, slow drives home are far from the worst when you're with your main squeeze. 


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  1. So I'll let you in on a secret about that last photo. In the original Papa Hansen's eyes are closed. I photoshopped in a different smiling face because everyone else looked great.

  2. you are so cute! love your blog posts!!!