What I Like Today

12:20 AM

1. My future house. I've noticed a serious trend in the pictures I save on pinterest for my future house. They all consist of secret hideouts and ladders and forts and various types of swings. And castles in the backyard. Because obviously I will always be 6.

2. Sister Bridget Wood's mission companion called me on the phone today to ask me a question. And yes, I DID hear that wonderful, beautiful girl's voice in the background. It made my whole day!

3. Current candy of choice: Nerds. What? I know.

4. Kittens. I admit it, I'm a cat lady. But honestly!

5. These people:
Holy cute!! Their little skeleton pajamas glow in the dark! I love these three! And their hot mom AKA my sister. I seriously can't get enough of this picture. 

6. Today I ran into Trevor on campus just out of the blue. He was walking to another class and I was on a run off in my own world, and all of a sudden... HUSBAND! I love when that happens.

There's always something to like.


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  1. So true, there is always something to like!! I like your pics of your future home, can I come visit?

    Love, Mom

  2. That's the beauty of having kids. You can pretend you are doing "kid" things for them, but really you are doing it for yourself. We play hide and seek for FHE sometimes! I LOVE it just as much as the kids :) For Christmas I want to get myself, I mean the kids, a trampoline :)