Jolly Holiday

3:52 PM

Someone tell me why I had the Marry Poppins soundtrack stuck in my head all day yesterday, and I'll change the ridiculous title of this post. Until then...

We LOVED this long weekend! We spent tons of time out of town right after school ended, and before that we are in classes all summer long. Needless to say, we were due for a free and easy weekend with no big plans. Friday afternoon, Trevor and I decided to ditch our responsibilities early and go BOWLING! Trevor gets all tricky with spins... I alternate between gutter balls and spares... and we both left with sore arms (embarrassing). I love my hott hubbs.

Saturday we both worked, but at night we hit up Big 5's labor day sale. 4 man tent for $29? Done. And the big kahuna... we got a blowup raft ($20)! Trevor kept calling it a boat. It was kind of adorable. We decided to go outdoorsy on Labor Day. Monday we went to uncharted territory (aka Payson Lake) and floated around in our raft all afternoon. Way the heck up the mountain, there is a little lake surrounded by mountains and trees and it is gorgeous. It was SO FUN! Trevor paddled us around with the secretly terrible paddles we got/ his hands which were more effective. So romantic :).

Sunday we visited my Grandma and went to a family reunion with her siblings. Minus the fact that we didn't know anyone there, it's always great to see Grandma. She is the best, for real.

And when did fall happen? All of a sudden, it was 75 instead of 92. I mean it's nice... but I refuse to let go of warm weather yet! Please no!
But seriously, not complaining about the beautiful days! I'm ok with being so fresh and clean when I get to  school and work, and not burning when my arm makes contact with my seatbelt.


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  1. Fun! I think maybe we should switch climates. I'd kill for 70's. You can take our HOT weather any day!

    I like the raft!