I Am Brave

7:32 PM

... a.k.a. I finally got the guts to do something every girl has done by this age (and most have done by 16)... I got highlights!
A lot. of. them. 
AND I love it!
Thank you Carlie for being a hair master.

We also got to go see one of my favorite cousins and uncles of all time this weekend at my Grandma's house! SO fun... and we love Grandma.

And my good news of the day: NO MORE FINALS! It's officially over, and I'm ecstatic.
Hello 2 week long summer vacation! 
Other good news of the day: 2 days until I'm in KANSAS! I love that place.

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  1. It looks cute! I go short, you go blonde, I wonder if Audrey will do anything drastic with her hair.