8:43 PM

Sometimes life feels like a c r a z y whirlwind, such as the past 2 weeks.
It can be a wonderful thing
or a terrible thing
or a combination of the two.

I adore my family.
My sister has been in town with her family for the past two weeks, and I love them more than anything.
Nothing makes the day better than having a little niece who loves you
and a little nephew who says the funniest things
and another baby nephew who smiles all day long.
Even getting woken up by them is cute and fun, and that's really saying something.
Not to mention, the greatest big sister in the entire universe!
We talk every day,
and I love it.
She and my mom are my best girlfriends ever.

Then, I have two brothers.
Garrett keeps everyone happy.
He can make anyone laugh.
Seth is sweet and smart and fun.
And he is so good.
I'm so proud of my brothers.
We are best friends.

My Mom is the glue.
She is my hero.
I love being around her.
I love talking to her.
I love her advice.
She is talented and smart and loving and happy and optimistic and beautiful...
she should be your hero too.

One of my favorite things about my family is how much we laugh together.
I love my family because they think I'm funny, and I think they're funny.
We all take care of each other.
Good times and bad, we are always there for each other.
I am so lucky.

And I have my Trevor.
He can always fix everything.
He keeps me smiling all day long.
Even after being married for a year and a half and seeing each other every day,
I still can't ever wait to come home to him.
Being married is the greatest,
and being married to Trevor is even better!
And plus... if you marry Trevor, you automatically have the greatest family-in-law EVER!!!!!

Moral of this story: my family is my everything.

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  1. Daniel You're Awesome!!!! for some reason reading this gave me a huge urge to point out the obvious.

  2. Beautiful post, Danielle. I got to visit with Sarah and the kids for a little bit after they left you and can attest to their awesomeness! I love you and your family, and my family loves you and your family as well!