Vegas Recap

1:24 AM

Remember how we went to Vegas this past weekend?
Remember how I'm a failure because I took a grand total of 0 pictures?

Well it went a little something like this:

-H to the hot. Holy hot.
-Shopping date with my bro in law's adorable girly Kacey
-Kickin it with my family in law WHOM I love

... that's basically it.
SO nice to get out of town for the weekend and see our people!!
And now another weekend :)
Trevor and I spent the evening making paper mache circles... it was really fun. Arts and crafts baby.


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  1. Danielle I miss your guts like crazy. I can't wait for girls weekend in st. Louis. You're a hottie by the way.

    P.s. Will the honeymoon stage every end between us?

    Pss. I'm Jesus