Right Now

9:28 PM

I can breathe through one or fewer of my two nostrils at any given time,
hearing ability is comparable.

Nothing is better than my sexy hubs to cuddle my sick day away with me.
Also he has such good scruff going right now.
I can't wait until he doesn't have to shave for school... ow ow!

I'm thankful for our AC that we got last year. Top 10 best purchases.
Can Provo never get cold again please? At least for the next year and a half until we leave?

I'm secretly really into the song "When I Grow Up" by PCD... nerdy?... it's just a phase.

Spending all day at the pool= baby hungry Danielle.

LAS VEGAS this weekend!!
And Kansas in less than one month!!! Can't wait to get home!!

Life is better with a tan.

I love summer. I hate being sick. The end.

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  1. yeah... i've gone through phases when i like that song too. don't feel too bad.