3 More Days + Teeth + Pictures

7:35 PM

#1 exciting realization of the day: 3 more days of class for me! Followed by... drumroll...
2 whole weeks of summer vacay!
I will be spending these days with my family in Kansas,
followed by my Trevor in Utah.
After our 2 weeks off, I will start my last semester of college! Thank. Goodness.

Also... I'm currently whitening my teeth and remembering why I don't like it.
1. The taste of the whitening stuff makes me want to vomit.
2. My teeth hurt so bad! Yes, I am a pansy when it comes to pain tolerance. But really!

This is what we did all weekend: PAPER MACHE!

My family needs to make this in our backyard. Our love of scrabble may or may not have begun with words with friends.

My friend Danielle and I just finished p90x for the second time last week! We feel buff.

So maybe our date nights consist of picnics on our porch. This girl wouldn't have it any other way.
My bff.

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