There and Back

12:20 AM

Memorial Day weekend + Las Vegas = Happiness!
Words cannot describe how nice it was to
1. Pretend we weren't in school for a few days
2. Play with my fam! And hold BABY DEXTER!!!
3. Experience being warm and being outside simultaneously
... and then I blinked, and we were back in Provo sitting in class.
Fortunately for the world, I came back a few shades darker and my hair .00002 shades lighter (operation lemon juice has officially begun)... well rested... and it was a fabulous weekend!
The baby blessing was so great and I'm so glad we could be there for it!
Otherwise, highlights of the weekend included:
Playing with baby Dex and getting more baby hungry by the second
Laying out
Getting sunburned
Shopping with the sistas
Strawberry Mentos- my latest candy obsession?
Family pictures
Spending 5 hours straight with Trevor in the car... loved it.
ahhh... now if only it could have been 5 days longer!

By the way, have I ever mentioned that I have the greatest family in law in the universe? Because I totally do.

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  1. Looks like a fun summer trip. Only problem: I WASN'T there. I really don't think I can wait another 29 days to see you guys again.