10:40 PM

I get to teach the little tiny kids in church now! Best life ever. I am SO so so so excited!!!

Today, I tripped while I was running. And this was not just a stumble. I fell and skinned my knee. Embarrassing. I sat on the sidewalk hanging my head in shame for a few seconds, looked around to make sure nobody saw me, and headed on my way. Then I almost got hit by like 6 cars. I promise I look both ways.

I have been having the. weirdest. dreams. lately. One involved Bruce Willis being my neighbor. One involved going swimming in a huge bathtub as big as a room. Also- I keep waking up being really confused. It takes a few seconds to figure out where I am and what my life is. Pretty entertaining.

I'm a little in love with this watch. Online shopping is dangerous. But hey, a girl can dream, right?

Three words: Words With Friends. My brother and I have had an ongoing scrabble game going for a day and a half now. We have to get good so that we can play the king of scrabble someday... a.k.a. Trevor.

My birthday is in 2 days! Here I come, horizontal license! Except not. I'm not renewing my license until I absolutely have to (not that it wasn't super fun to go to the DMV in Las Vegas 4 times last summer).

The flower shop by my house had a sign today that said "keep ur shawty happy". Seriously almost sold me on a dozen.

Trevor and I have this thing where we like to meet halfway when the other is walking home. I love it. I love him.

Sunday it was raining, and I really didn't want to get my hair wet (it was straightened and that is a rare occurrence in the summer). So Trevor dearest came to the rescue with a trash bag for a poncho. That man is so brilliant!
Classy, right?


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