My Favorite Week

11:59 AM

Whatever week out of the year contains the days of June 21st and June 24th is always my favorite.
Reasons being:
June 21st is the longest day of the year. The first day of summer.
Not so far into the warm days that you feel like they're ending anytime soon.
I love the time of year when I can go outside at night barefoot in shorts and a t shirt
and still feel warm from being in the sun all day
smelling like chlorine because I'm living at the pool
opening the windows at night
and go on night walks with my guy
and go sit on swings until late
and look at the stars
and see fireflies
and watch lightning (ok maybe not those last two in Utah...).

And June 24th because it's MY BIRTHDAY!!!
I was soo meant to be a summer girl.
I love my birthday... I know that sounds conceited... but it's a fact of life.
I love the warm
and water
and a whole day just to be special.
And for real. Birthdays are a zillion times more fun when you're married.
Automatic hot date!!!

Week of June 21st and June 24th, please don't go by too fast.
(But a little fast is OK because my sister and her kids are coming soon after!!!!)
Which, by the way, I cannot wait for.
Guys, I love my sister!!

Oh, and we just had summer break! From Friday to Sunday!
I feel so rejuvenated and ready to start back tomorrow (not). 
It was nice sleeping though, and we had such a fun relaxing weekend.
But, my new classes will be soo much better than the ones I just finished.
To the classes I just finished... thanks for showing me what getting your booty kicked by classes feels like. I'm glad I'm alive to tell the tale, with hopefully decent grades to show for it.
As for my college career... I am DONE with the hard classes! From here on out, I have 5 classes that I'm pumped for and 1 internship that {I have yet to land, but} should be fun.

Random summery phone pictures?
Our Project! Yes, I did threaten the girl at the print office that I would cry if she wouldn't bind it for us (it was ten minutes to closing time). Please note the lovely black spiral binding.

The group!

Trevor cooking Indian food!

Danielle and me gettin' our tan on.


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  1. I feel so honored to have made it onto your blog! Haha! Sounds like a fun week coming up, especially the birthday part :)