Best House Ever

6:37 PM

Our house was built in the 1800's, according to our landlord.
It's split into 3 separate apartments.
We L.O.V.E. our house.
It is so close to campus, has its own parking, feels as much like home as anywhere in Provo could, and it is the perfect newlywed, poor, college student house. 
Also, old, big house= super high ceilings, huge windows, big rooms, tons of light... we've even caught people taking engagement pictures in front (mostly because it looks really old and slightly scary from the outside, but I'm flattered).
Living in a 100+ year old house also comes with its quirks. I think it totally adds character, but I want to remember all the funny things about it someday down the road. So here it is.

Our address is posted on our house in 3 different places. They are all within about 7 feet of each other and all in plain view. Also, the number 1 is in 2 places. Whoever can find them all gets candy.

Trevor and I go in two separate doors. I have the key to one door, he has the key to another. We have yet to make copies of the keys so that we can both just go in the dang front door. However, I like my door better. Trevor's is hard to open. You have to jiggle the key around for like a minute until it magically unlocks.

Trevor's door, complete with a screen door (screen taped on)!
My door (the pretty one, obv). There used to be a desk on the porch, until one day a  man came over who apparently used to live here and asked for it back because his wife's dad who had just died made it and it had sentimental value. I said yes. 

This is the light in the office.

This is the complete lack of a door jamb on one of the two doors leading into our room. The door doesn't shut on its own, so Handyman Trevor put some screws in it to hold the door shut. It works.

There is a special trick to opening and most of the doors in our apartment. When people are over, I constantly find myself saying things like, "Oh, you have to kind of lift as you pull it open". "Don't worry, it always makes that sound". "You have to pull really hard. It gets stuck sometimes. It won't break".

Our doorknobs have real keyholes. And the are really see through. Hence the super classy masking tape.

This is our washer. And our bucket. The drain is too small for all the water to go down, so the extra just drains out into the bucket. Then we dump it down the toilet. This may seem like an annoying process, but really, after buying a washer and dryer that didn't work, then waiting as long as possible between loads/doing laundry at Garrett's/paying for coin op washers and dryers, I'm thrilled. (The way we made the hookups and vent for the dryer is another discussion for another day)

The best solution for moldy bathtub? According to our landlord, just cover it up with caulk and pretend it's not there! Out of sight, out of mind, right?

 There are many things in funny places. The bathroom light switch is outside of the bathroom. The phone jack is by the front door. The outlets are in random spots on walls or in the middle of the floor. It's like playing hide and seek to find them, yahoo!

There are no 3-prong outlets in our entire house. We got these little converters for basically every outlet.

This window is awesome. The little hook on it opens up the TOP window. Unfortunately, it is perpetually painted shut. But a good idea nonetheless.

 All the hinges, hooks, doorknobs, latches, handles, etc. are different from each other. But they are cool. I like them. Sometimes half of it is missing, so to keep it closed, we put a little corner of sheet or towel in it so we can jam it shut/pull it open. It's very convenient.

In the doorways, there are little pokey things under the carpet. We learned our lesson about stepping on the ground right below the doors very quickly after we moved here. Always step over. You never know what might be under there waiting to stab your foot.

 We have yet to find the light switch that belongs to this light bulb. Also, there's some kind of crawlspace up there. I'm afraid to explore.

 This is a midget closet in our room. It's kind of windy in there. Very odd.

In the back room, there's a door in the ground to a cellar. I've only been down there once, but it was a scary experience I don't want to relive. It's a huge, cold, stone room that goes under basically the whole house. 

 I'm pretty sure if I knocked out that wall, I would find a fireplace.

Our doors don't really shut very well. Also, some of them have little holes in them where if you stand back far enough, you can see the daylight! Super fun.

The bathroom sink is slightly slanted, so there's always a little puddle of water in the bottom right corner.

This is the light switch for our front room. The bottom one turns on the porch light. The tricky part is that in order for the porch light to turn on, the front room light has to be on... but the front room light works without the front porch light.

This is a window in our front room. There's a golf ball sized hole in it, but someone put packing tape over it. No big deal.

 This is the little blue crayon drawing by our front door. I think it's kind of adorable.

 And this is our house. It's a magical place!

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  1. danielle this made my whole day

  2. oh man. I wish I had pics of our first apartment.... not quite as awesome as yours, but definitely a keeper.

  3. you put the crayon drawing, but not trevor and my little man? lame.

  4. Ok seriously hilarious. Your posts make me laugh out loud.

  5. oh my gosh this makes me want to do a post just like this, you should come over to my house and see the ridiculousness that our old house provides