A Little Update.

10:40 PM

Once upon a time, everyone told me that Spring classes are really easy and chill and fun.
Liars, all of you!
All I can say is... holy group projects and presentations every 5 minutes (but my groups are fantastic). 
But it is pretty great that we're over halfway done already!
 Trevor basically lives in the physics lab, I'm sure I'll see him again someday.
I wish I could say at least it's warm outside, but it's NOT!
I still wear a coat to school every day. Absurd.
Dear Utah, please get the memo: it's almost JUNE!!!
Really though. I'm done complaining now, life really is good :)

So besides school, the outdoor pool is opening this week!
HELLO TAN (if it ever gets warm)!
I love lifeguarding outside.
I can't stop... I've spent every summer of my life at the pool and it will probably never end.
I just can't get enough of that sunscreen, chlorine smell
and people-watching
and SUN!
mmmm.... the sun. I love you sun. So does my white, white skin.

And for Memorial Day Weekend... Hansens go to LAS VEGAS!
I've said it before, I'll say it again... having family within 5 hours and an excuse to get out of Provo periodically is the greatest! We can't wait!
Swimming every day. Thank you, Las Vegas, for having a climate we can count on.
(It's a little weird how much my life and mood revolve around the weather.)

And now that I have an awesome phone that can take pictures... here's some randos!
I made this headband! And the flower! It clips on. Hooray for crafts.

My awesome new shorts! I got hot pink ones too :) 

Sweet creepy trailer parked in front of our house all weekend with cats sleeping on the dashboard. 

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