Spray Paint, Sun, and a Ton of Pictures

7:08 PM

Despite the fact that I have
Before the end of the semester,
this weekend was fabulous and slightly unproductive as far as school goes.
However, we did do many other things not related to school.
We managed to cram 8 people into our apartment for a whole night
... which also means we had family in town!
Laid out with 2 fellow lifeguards Friday during a break at work
Had a spray painting extravaganza
Saw my niece practice her ballet on webcam (I almost teared up. Not kidding.)
Completed the last Saturday swimming lessons for the semester (yay!)
Made Trevor's first snowman
My brother got me Toms with his unexpected work bonus (he is the bomb)
Went shopping with Danielle
Watched General Conference
...and consequently had an extremely lazy Sunday
Saw unstoppable
And now I get to look forward to my 12 page paper due Wednesday. :)

Please note: Did I say laying out and making snowmen in the same weekend? Yes I did. And I don't want to talk about it. But in my head, April means warm and rain and not snow. It better not happen again. I'm sick of paying for heating!

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  1. So much fun laying out on Friday, and no, I do not want to talk about the snow either. So upset.

  2. love the art project and the golden girls pose with the giant snow ball.

    Love, Mom