Home On the Range

10:13 PM

Last week, we were here:

With these people:
Trevor is there. He thinks it's cool to just get his eye in pictures.
and I absolutely loved every second of it.

Our trip consisted of:
lovely unbelievably long drive from Utah to Kansas (True story: when we crossed the state line into Kansas, I cried and said I didn't want to leave again. A year and a half away from home is way too long!)
A birthday party for my 17 year old brother Seth and my 5 year old niece Madison
Madison, Jaxon, Colton. Cutest children alive.
An Easter egg hunt for not only the little kids, but the big ones too :)
A fabulous reunion with my dance team girls
Lots of good runs around Olathe- I love running at home, and I love running with my sister!
Watching a late night thunderstorm on the porch with Trevor (I've been waiting a long time to show him some decent thunder and lightning!)
Going on a late night drive with my hubby and showing him my old stompin' grounds, then driving around south of town in the boonies
Girl time going fabric scrap and button shopping in my mom's sewing stash
Lots of love for my fat cat Sox!
Rummikub (Kubie)
Dying Easter eggs
Gooooood food
Visiting diving practice and the girls and Russ!
Personal tour of the new Black Bob
Green and humidity and rain and joy... I love my home!!!

Then on the flight back, I caught the flu that Seth and Trevor had already had a few days before, and threw up in two different airports and on two airplanes. I always get sick on travel days. I do not know why, but it's deathly. 

It was so great to be home! I loved it!
And the next day, we were back in cold, windy Provo going to our first day of spring term.
But, soon it will be warm, and there are tulips everywhere, and it will be a good summer. :)

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  1. funny how all the pictures on your blog look exactly like all the pictures on my blog...

    I miss you.

    Look at the dates for girls weekend.

    only 2 more months!

  2. I heard you were at practice just a few days before I went and visited practice too. Russ and I reminisced about the times you and I tried to do synchro. hahah!