Favorite Things as of Late

9:22 PM

Yellow flowers growing in my front yard
No more class this semester
New smartphone saving us money on internet (and I kind of love it)
Going to KANSAS in one week!
Which includes seeing my favorite sister! And her 3 kids!
And also includes GIRLS NIGHT with my drill team girls!
Daily pictures of my chubby baby nephew Colton and crazy Jaxon and Madison  
New nephew coming this weekend!
I can see my triceps for the first time ever (thank you P90X)
My bff Danielle
When my Grandma calls to say hi
Whopper robin eggs & starburst jelly beans
Driving with the windows down because it's finally warm enough (at least for 4 hours a day)
The outdoor pool is about to open and I can hardly stand my excitement
(all these years of guarding, you'd think I'd be over it by now, but nothing beats hours of sun every day!)
Free fluorescent lightbulbs from my brother's work (I can finally SEE when I'm doing my makeup!)

Just for old time's sake... when I met Trevor :)

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