As Of Lately

12:11 AM

To sum up the past 2 (ish) weeks of life:

Trip to Clearfield to see Kyle and Whitney: SO FUN. We love living so close to them! And only about a month and a week until Kyle and Whitney Junior gets here- HOORAY!!!

Grandma's 86th birthday party: My Grandma is my hero! She has 86 years worth of the greatest stories and life ever. I hope I can be as amazing as her when I'm old. She never misses a birthday, wedding, or baby (and remembers all the dates of these events). She makes us dinner at least once a month. Brilliant!

Us at a family party last summer
Exams and papers out our ears: Self explanatory.

Spring? I don't want to jinx it. But I didn't wear a coat to church today. And there are daffodils growing outside our house. :)

Sunday naps: The greatest kind. Yum.

Lava Rocks: These are magical rocks that Kyle and Whitney told us about that are supposed to suck up the musty smell of our apartment. May they be successful.

This girl:

Deemed "New Danielle" by Garrett for distinguishing purposes.
Is the newest member of the Danielle-Garrett-Trevor Mario Kart club. 
And the greatest workout buddy of all time. 
And I love her.
And she is staying in Provo for the summer!!! :)

Trevor is working hard... studying hard... being wonderful... and looking hott. Sometimes we stalk each other at school and hide out and call each other to look out the window (mostly me) or make bird calls across campus (mostly Trevor) to get each others' attention. It's super cool. I'm so glad I married someone who will never be boring.
Also from last summer. We love the beach so much.
I'm convinced they make me run faster. Plus they're pink.
The end. Happy Monday to you :)

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