For the Love

10:17 PM

*Disclaimer: This is a mushy post about love.*
I love Trevor.
I love his goofy laugh.
I love that he is tall.
I love his blue eyes.
I love how he takes care of me.
I love waking up to him every morning.
I love wrestling with him.
I love his family.
I love his dance moves.
I love his voice.
I love how he listens to me.
I love how he makes me feel special and pretty.
I love that he loves kids (and talks about future baby Hansen ALL the time!)
I love that he loves my family.
I love that he thinks differently than anyone else.
I love that he is always warm.
I love that I can trust him completely.
I love holding his hand.
I love sitting by him at church.
I love his funny sneezes.
I love his dimples.
I love the secret messages he sends me during the day.
I love his big gangster shoes. And gangster ways of life in general.
I love LOVE the way he smells.
I love how he daydreams.
I love his optimism.
I love how he works hard.
I love how he understands me.
I love when he kisses my forehead.
I love that he can always crack me up.
I love that he's happy.
I love that I could go on with this list all day long!!!
But you get the point...
Good thing I get to be with him forever :)

Trevor gave me 3 different flavors of my favorite food for Valentine's day... 
RICE CRISPY TREATS!!!!! We won't talk about how swiftly they have been vanishing.
I had to scavenger hunt for them. 
Also, he made me the greatest Valentine ever. Trevor is the king of making homemade cards.
I love them every time.
He loves me :)
Joy in a pan. 
I made Trevor a collage of pictures of us and put up a bunch of love quotes. 
I've come to the realization lately that cheesiness is underrated. He loved it.
And I love him :)

I've said it before... I'll say it again... I sure am a lucky girl!

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