Oh, Life!

6:09 PM

First week of yet another semester (the amount of school left for me is getting slim, people!) has officially been a success. 
Trevor, however, is the sickest he has been for years, and maybe ever, according to him. 
He has no voice (I keep saying, "what?" "huh?" and then remembering he has no choice but to whisper everything).
He even missed classes this week... very against his nature.
Poor guy... it's really depressing to see him so deathly ill.
If I could be sick for him instead, I would.
However, I'm practicing my nursing skills, as taking care of a sick husband and children will be a big part of my life.
And let me tell you... I can make a mean can of chicken noodle soup.

In other news, our very frequent conversation as of lately is:
We are never living in cold weather again.
Every morning, I wake up, peel myself out from under our beloved king sized heated blanket, and immediately my body temperature starts to drop.
Soon after, when I actually venture into the outdoors, it all happens all at once-
numb fingers
freezing ears
runny nose
goosebumps (so much for shaving)
watery eyes...
and sometimes I think those are real tears, reflecting my pain from the freezing cold.
Tomorrow's high? 18 degrees. 
2 and a half more winters...

But other than myself being a pansy about the cold
and Trevor feeling sick (he's getting better!)
we are really just
living the dream.

Once upon a warm Kansas summer day :)

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  1. Hope Trevor feels all better soon. Stay warm and healthy!!!

    Love, Mom

  2. just stumbled across you blog and think it is adorable! :)