The End Is Near.

3:26 PM

It's here. 
The week when everything is due.
The days when those month-away deadlines are not creeping up on me anymore...
They already crept.
In fact, they are sitting right next to me.
The days I realize that I only have 4 more days of class.
4 days of everything. being. due.
And after that...
Relief, you may think?
Oh, no.
No no no.
A fantastically fun week filled with exams every day.
Time to put it all out there.
There is no more saving of the grades after a not-so-fabulous test score.
This test IS the potential grade saver.

Now, contrary to popular opinion,
I don't mind finals week NEARLY as much as the week before. 
I'm not lying when I say that I have had semesters where EVERY CLASS had an exam the week before finals.
Thankfully, thankfully, this is not the case this semester.
This semester I just have a thousand things to finish before Thursday.
Fine, fine, I'll finish it on time I'm sure, and then it will all be over
(except not. because the next week is finals).
My only wish is to make it until next Thursday at midnight.
After that, I can handle the exams.
One a day for 5 days... 
Get it done and check it off the list.
And the best part?
After the end of the exams is the BEGINNING of the break!
2 weeks in Las Vegas with nothing we have to do...
But right now... it is only the beginning of the end.
Here we go...

In other news:
He clearly likes it when I bug him to smile for a picture while he's doing his homework.

Holly Cookies! Usually they are green, but I have no food coloring. Also, I learned that you're supposed to scoop them with a spoon, not your hands.

I learned the spoon thing after I finished scooping them all with my hands.

Our house is festive!!!!

CUTE stockings courtesy of my sister :)

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  1. Good luck getting through the next weeks. Can't wait for Vegas!!

  2. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, play with me :)

  3. If you ever want a break from studying- come get me! and we'll go get some frozen yogurt of something- also- those cookies look good and I totally sit on the floor of my living room to spoon the dough out too bc of the no counter space thing lol