It's a Wonderful Life

3:46 PM

Okay okay... so I can't stop with the cheesy Christmas titles... just embrace it.

Another semester of finals is now successfully completed!
(Trevor still has one more... he likes to drag it out to the bitter end... my attention span is far to short for that.)
And that means:
Work tonight,
Followed by cleaning the house
Taking down the Christmas decorations (because it's really depressing to have to take them down after Christmas, and we won't be back until after New Year's) 
And tomorrow, LAS VEGAS!
Where we will play for two whole weeks :)

We are so SO excited! We plan on
lots of sibling time (significant others included)
8 hour nights of sleep
no school
no work
hot dates
*our first Christmas*
*our first anniversary*
and who knows what other kinds of shenanigans?

For now, it's all I can do to not bug Trevor while he's studying...

A common scene.

Best part: he doesn't even try to get rid of me. :)

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