One of those days...

3:22 PM

So far, it's been a relatively low stress semester (for me).
Not too many exams, not too many papers, everything moving at a fine pace with time leftover.
But this week
Not the case. 

It really just hit me last night that I was ready to be done with the insanity.
After days of {endless} exams, I finally realized...
I didn't want to take any more! which is not an option, of course.

So today, it all caught up to me. 
I finally stopped and realized that it's been a crazy week...
and when I stopped, EVERYTHING ELSE ran into me!
And I started feeling anxious... I don't like feeling anxious.
Study for another exam.
Finish take home portion of different exam.
Take previously mentioned exam (find two hour block of consecutive time to take exam).
Write a paper.
Work out.
Write swim cards.
Go to work.
Go to class.
Christmas plans.
Grocery shopping.
Clean the apartment.

And the thing that put me over the edge?
I'm getting sick. 


BUT! In a matter of only 8 days we will be on our way to Texas, relaxation, physically and mentally far, far away from school with my favorite people. I. Cannot. Wait.

But for now... I'm going to go catch up with my education.

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