5:45 PM

I LOVE summer.
However: although I am always sad to see summer go, I will admit that I'm secretly excited for fall to be here.

For these reasons:

Red and orange leaves
Cloudy days
Cold noses
Holding cold hands
Hot chocolate
Walks with jackets
The library
Brisk morning runs
Halloween! (Caramel candy corns... mmm)
Car heater up, windows down (inefficient I know.)
Red cheeks

I think fall is SO romantic. 
School is getting busy... exams all week... lots of studying to do...
And I've learned that Trevor is WAY. better at school and taking exams than me.
When I don't want to do homework, I do things like clean the house and watch Friday Night Lights (which also makes me feel good about fall).
Oh that boy... he's good at everything and I love him.

And I end with some memories of LAST fall (since I have no pictures of this fall yet because it basically just started today):

The day we registered at Target

Engagement picture day!

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  1. I secretly love Fall too. It's great. I love sweaters and cardigans so much.

  2. I love you! You are just the cutest!

  3. I Love fall too :) Its always so pretty with the leaves changing colors and everything :) Its fun making piles of leaves and jumping in them too :)

  4. You forgot to say that you call me when you don't want to study. I call you when I don't want to play hide and go seek the right way :)