Here We Go Again

2:04 PM

This is why I love this week:
*It's my Dad's BIRTHDAY today! He is 50, and the greatest Dad in all the land!!
*My cousin Mia and my BFF Bridget are getting their MISSION CALLS this week!!
*Halloween is quickly approaching= PUMPKIN CARVING!.. and hunting for an excuse to dress up this weekend.
*Rainy days

Unfortunately, this is what I'm not so fond of this week:
*3 exams, 2 papers. Ew.
*It's all of a sudden REALLY cold. (I like the rain, I dislike the cold.)

However, it was prefaced with a fabulous weekend of:
*Movie nights with my man
*Some perfect, gray, rainy days which I love
*Chili night with Grandma!
*How to Train Your Dragon. Loved it.

And in the near future, I'm REALLY excited about:
*THANKSGIVING IN DALLAS! My whole family will be there... it will be magical. I cannot wait.
*Christmas in Las Vegas! My first Christmas away from my home, but my first Christmas with my new fam whom I love :)
*Decorating for Christmas with my hubby (AND OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS TOGETHER! Love it!)
*Taking my kids to the pumpkin patch (ok, not-so-near future... but still pumped for it)
Happy Monday To You :)

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  1. danielle you and trevor are just way too cute. thats all i have to say about that.

  2. I LOVE YOU!!! You're the cutest! Good luck on your tests and papers! I hope you can get through your week. This is my mid-terms week so I'm there with ya!

  3. I'll make ya a deal... if you come here on Saturday, before Thanksgiving, I'll let you help my kids decorate the tree... that's almost as good as taking your own kids to the pumpkin patch.... right?