12:30 AM

I am perpetually late.
It's a fact of my. Entire. Life.
Why am I always running late?
Well let's be honest here. Usually it's something to do with me being girly.
For example:
Fixing my hair.
Finding my earring.
Changing my shirt. (once? twice? three times?)
Deciding I dressed for the wrong weather and having to change.
Or other standard reasons...
Talking on the phone.
Sleeping in for 15 extra minutes.
Terribly misjudging the amount of time it takes to get somewhere.
Counting on zero red lights.

Whatever the reason, I have this uncanny ability to be a few minutes late to just about anything, regardless of what time it starts.

But THIS semester is different! I have been trying SO hard to leave at least 15 minutes before every class and be THERE before it starts. Not to say I've had complete success yet... but I will! I'm doing it! 

Danielle Hansen is going to be ON TIME in her life. I will be a punctual person.

This is us having a studious evening. 
Again... my husband loves taking pictures.
And looking normal in them.

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  1. You were born 10 days early so you haven't always been late!

    Love, Mom