Hello, August

11:33 PM

These days...

I found the greatest, most glittery nail polish and I love it.

Tomorrow is my first day of teaching my water aerobics class!
Excited? Yes.
Nervous? Slightly.

Thank you, Utah, for letting it storm today. Although nothing compares to my Kansas storms, I absolutely loved, LOVED the thunder all day.

AND I am officially up to running about 4.2 miles a day... so bring it on, August heat (thank goodness I live in the desert where it cools down at night)!

Otherwise... we're savoring this sublime summer while it lasts. :)

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  1. The thunder all day made me so happy. It reminded me of home. (Although it paled in comparison to South Carolina storms.) Still good, though. :)

  2. finding the perfect glittery nailpolish is so hard. but so very important. haha congratulations :)

  3. Great nail polish, better make sure Madi doesn't get a hold of it, it might disappear. You know how she feels about sparkles!

    Love you, mom

  4. You're hilarious! Hope all is going well!