Brand New

12:21 AM

World, meet Colton Christopher Wise, declared "the cutest boy more than anything" by his big sister Madison.

My sister who is a hot mom of 3!
We love our new baby nephew and can't wait to see him in November!

Also new...
School starts in 2 days!!
It's been a blissful, sublime, fabulous summer
Full of being married and loving it,
Possibly more TIME than we will ever have again,
Early mornings of work for Trevor,
Sunny days working at the pool for me,
Vaca to {Hawaii} {Vegas} {California},
Moving to our lovely apartment,
Evening runs around Provo,
Late night walks with my hubby,
And I'm pretty confident that it will be
a pretty wonderful school year, too.
Something about starting a new
semester gets me all excited.
And guess what?
I don't have class on Fridays. :)

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  1. I don't have class fridays either! Weekend play dates?? I think so!

  2. Yay for the pool. (And surviving the last full day at Vets.) I don't have classes on Fridays either. Hooray for us!

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