I Made A Blog!

12:47 PM

I finally did it...

So welcome to our life! :)

We're in love... we're happy... and we're CRAZY! Does it get much better than that?

In other news, we just moved! We are loving our new place... pictures to come when there aren't boxes EVERYWHERE- seriously, everywhere- but this move has entailed

1. Many trips to Target
2. A whole lot of KSL (which is AWESOME!)
3. ... and yesterday, our first trip to the hardware store!!!

How, you may ask, have we gone for almost 7 months without once visiting Home Depot?? I don't know, but I feel like I've discovered something amazing here! Who ever knew I'd have so much fun at the hardware store checking out huge bathtubs, curtain rods, and tile on the way to the aisle of wall anchors?! Someday my creative side will just ADORE that place! And in the meantime, we sure love daydreaming :).

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  1. You're silly. Maybe Chris and I will get matching shirts and then get the kids all matching shirts and then we can all be cool like you... but actually cooler cause we almost have 5 people in our family. That's a lot more matching than 2!

  2. Good idea Sarah, maybe I'll get all MY kids and grand kids and sons in law to dress in matching shirts and we can take a picture too!!! Since my family is the biggest!!!

    Love, Mom

  3. You have a blog! How exciting! Come see mine. http://soulfromthe70s.blogspot.com/ If you get this before 12:30, I'll see you at work! (I'm pretty sure we work together on Wednesdays. If it's Fridays I'm thinking of, then I'll see you then.) :)