6:27 PM

It's love.

Yes, yes, life is wonderful these days.

We love having no school this summer. It is a dream come true. We got married 3 days before school started and ALL I wanted to do was be with Trevor!! We did get to take classes together... and we did spend A LOT more time hanging
out than doing homework. But this summertime of working and then having no homework to come home to right now? AMAZING!

MY MOM IS HERE!!! I love my mom. She
is amazing and she knows everything. And she loves me and thinks everything I tell her is cool. Moms are so great!!

We are getting moved in!! OH-SO-SLOWLY, but it's happening! All our stuff has been in the apartment for almost a week. And for the record... moving is hard. I don't know what I'm going to do when we have too much stuff to move in our Toyota Corolla AND we're moving further than half a mile away. SOMEDAY I'll get organized!

... It's hot outside... and we have no air conditioning... but I prefer that SO much to the cold.

And my husband is cute. OOLALA!!!

This is the biggest marshmallow of all time.

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  1. You two are adorable! And I'm so happy we're blog buddies now. :) Thankfully Spencer and I will have about two weeks to be together before school starts up again in January. And we definitely need to play soon!

  2. Hey girl. Cute blog. I love blogging. I'll be stalking now.

  3. Danielle, you are a dweeb. And I LOVE it! Love the marshmallow pic, with Grandma creepin' in the back! :)

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