7 Months of Wonderful

8:46 AM

We have officially been married for 7 months TODAY! It feels so long to me compared to what 3 months... or 5 months... or any of the other months felt like (even though those felt long too, and in 2 months 7 months will feel short again!). 7 is more than halfway through a year! So in this lovely seven months we have...

Gone to Hawaii, California, Kansas, and Vegas
Learned more about how each other operates every day
Gone on walks every Sunday
Watched 5 and a half seasons of Lost
Learned to cook WAY good Indian food (that's mostly Trevor)
Gotten better at grocery shopping together (we are indecisive)
Taken a lot of naps
Run around being absolutely ridiculous
Talked so much
Played in the snow (Trevor makes the cold not quite as bad)
Skipped class together
Had a lot of family visit, even though they live far away
Gone to the DMV 4 times.
Swam in the ocean
Given each other a whole lot of kisses
Finished a semester of school
Gone snorkeling
Had a lot of date nights!
Trevor transferred to BYU
Laughed a lot and loved every day of it :)

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